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Going through a divorce is a very difficult and personal decision. This firm is committed to providing an alternative approach to the traditional high conflict divorces through a collaborative law process, because we know that one size does not fit all. We personalize our approach to you and your family’s needs. ​

On July 1, 2017, the Collaborative Law Process Act went into effect in Florida. This creates a new alternative to litigation for family matters in Florida – the Collaborative Process. Collaborative divorce is a voluntary process in which couples, with the assistance of Collaboratively-trained professionals, work toward reaching a settlement on fair and equitable terms without the financial and emotional cost that often accompanies litigation. Through the Collaborative Process, the parties choose to resolve the issues in their dissolution in a mutually beneficial way, outside of the court system. In a Collaborative Divorce, the parties are empowered to make their own decisions and customize the terms of an agreement based upon their particular needs and interests.​

Each spouse has a Collaboratively -trained attorney and typically other professionals such as mental health and financial experts who all work together as a team to facilitate the couple reaching agreement.

By choosing Collaborative divorce, instead of a potentially more costly, contentious and less private court-based approach, the couple maintains control over the divorce process and its outcomes, with the help of trained professionals, who will help guide you toward solutions tailored to your family’s unique situation. The needs of the children and each individual spouse are kept paramount, enhancing the prospect for healthy outcomes for all family members.


Benefits to Collaborative Law Process

COMPARED TO LITIGATION - maintain control & privacy

RESPECTFULLY LESSENS CONFLICT - dignified negotiations, unbiased support & more

FOCUSES ON MUTUAL OUTCOMES - supports emotional, financial, & lifestyle needs

At Jarbath Pena Law Group, our collaboratively trained attorney can assist you in this process. Our attorney belongs to the Collaborative Family Law Institute with other seasoned and collaboratively trained attorneys, mental health professionals and financial advisors and accountants.

Check out the Collaborative Family Law website for additional information about the process or check out our own collaborative attorney for more information about our collaboratively trained attorney.

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