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How to Make Your Child Feel at Home in Your New House, After the Divorce

Getting a divorce is one of the hardest decision you can make. Don’t let your kids get caught in the crossfire. Moving to a new home after a divorce can be difficult for your child. They are often attached to their childhood homes because of all the memories that were built there. When parents go through a separation, there is usually relocation involved for one party. Here are a few tips to relieve the confusion and tension experienced by you and your kids as you relocate to a new home.

Involve your child in the decision-making

Children will be more comfortable adapting to a new living environment when they have a say in the furnishings and decorating of their bedrooms. For example, ask for their assistance when picking out new sheets, curtains or a new wallpaper.

Don’t make too many changes

Make the new place feel homier by letting your child bring in some of her/his precious belongings. Children are often overwhelmed by too much change. Make this transition easier for them by familiarizing their surroundings with known objects.

Don’t compete

Don’t try to compete with the other parent by giving your child’s initial room a big makeover. Although they may be enthusiastic about it at first, the last thing they need is another big change. Provide them with the stability that they crave by just being there for them.

Although the prospect of moving can seem grueling and tedious at first, this may be the best decision for your family as a whole. Just give your child some time to accept and familiarize himself/herself with his/her new surroundings. As the saying goes, “Time heals all wounds”.

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