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How to get a Business Visa - L Visa

The L-visa is mainly for intracompany transferees. It facilitates the transfer of a foreign worker in the specialized knowledge, managerial, or executive category to the U.S. temporarily. It lets the employee travel and work for an office that belongs to the same employer, its branch, parent, affiliate, or subsidiary. The L-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that’s temporary. It allows the L-2 visa. The L-2 visa is for spouses and unmarried minors under the age of 21. The L-1 visa was initially made with the intention of making it easier for big corporations to transfer their employees into the states. Now, the L-1 visa can also be used by start-up companies who want to expand their business abroad, to the United States. The L-1 visa can be acquired by citizens from any country as long as all the requirements have been met. L-1 Visa Requirements The only requirement to acquire an L-1 visa is that there must be a valid relationship between the foreign company that employs the L-1 Visa applicant, and a company in the U.S. L-1 Visa Process

The foreign applicant must have been employed by an employer abroad for more than one year in the duration of three years. The applicant must have been employed in an executive, specialized knowledge, or managerial position with the company. Determine whether it is really the L-1 work visa that is applicable to you. There are many other work visas and the L-1 visa has certain advantages over most other work visas.

There are two different types of L-1 visas: L1A for Executives and managers, and L1B for Specialized Knowledge categories. The organization is responsible for filing an individual L1 petition/application. The organization needs to provide the proper documents and evidence to demonstrate that it is a qualifying organization. After payment of fees, the individual can proceed to the visa application process. Approval or denial will be based on the strength of the evidence provided and whether the consular officer believes the organization and the individual qualifies. This process can be a tedious process. The office of JP Law Group has experience in helping companies and their employees go through the L-Visa process successfully. Each case is different, however if you would like to discuss your specific case with our office, please feel free to call the office at (305) 615-1005 and schedule an appointment today. We are looking forward to hearing from you. At Jarbath Pena Law Group, we help foreign professionals start their new beginnings. #lvisa #businessvisa #savvymiamiimmigrationlawyer #miamiimmigrationlawyer #miamibusinessimmigrationlawyer #lvisa #businesstravel

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