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All You Need to Know About Child Support

Divorce can be a very testing time in one’s life. Especially when there is a child in the midst of the chaos. Child support is a term that demands a lot of discussions. Each case is different. Here are some things that will make managing your obligations to your family easier. How to determine how much of your income goes into child support: The equation used to calculate the amount of income that’s dedicated to child support varies from state to state. There are always similar factors that come into play in each equation. These factors are:

· The income of each parent · The overnight timesharing the child spends with each parent · The needs specific to each child (Health, education, special needs etc.) · Daycare and/or After-School care for the child. · Health insurance Florida specific formula that determines the amount of child support but making sure all of the different factors are used correctly to have the right amount of child support paid and/or received is very important.

How long does a parent have to keep paying child support? You can stop paying child support on one of these four situations: 1. Your child becomes an adult. (Unless he/she has special needs) 2. Your child becomes a part of the army. 3. Your child is adopted and your parental rights are as such terminated. 4. Your child is emancipated. (He is declared an adult by the court because he has the ability to support himself.) Consequences of not paying child support There are lots of serious consequences to not staying committed to your child in your obligations as a parent. Not paying child support not only invites officials and investigations into your home, it could also impact your credibility thereby jeopardizing any future changes to your custody arrangements, parenting plans, and other legal aspects concerning the relationship between you and your child and former spouse. Child support can be difficult to keep up with sometimes. But if you know all the facts and are organized, you might find it a little easier. We Can Help you with Your Child Support Concerns If you are paying or receiving child support and would like to review the numbers to ensure it is correct, or if you have had a change in circumstance that you think would change your child support obligations, please contact us right away. We'll sit down with you, go over the details of your case, and help you determine what the next steps should be. #childsupport #Haitianlawyer #childsupportlawyer #miamichildsupportlawyer #blackchildsupportlawyer #femalechildsupportlawyer #aggressivechildsupportlawyer #miamichildsupport #fortlauderdalechildsupport #daviechildsupportlawyer

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