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5 Ways to Reduce Divorce Stress

When you looked into your spouse’s eyes on your wedding day and said, “I do,” divorce was the last thing on your mind. Now here you are, faced with a series of changes and decisions that will have a legal, financial, and emotional impact on you and the children. Your extended family, friends, and community may even be affected.

With so much at stake, it’s normal for you to feel stressed, but you should never forget to be good to yourself. Acknowledging and dealing with stress is an important part of achieving the best possible outcome when your life encounters a setback. You will feel better, your thinking will be clearer, and you’ll be able to recognize and make the right decisions.

Here are five ways that you can reduce the stress of your divorce and be ready to embrace a stronger and better future.

1. Pay attention to your emotional needs

When divorce-related events are overwhelming you, talking to someone you trust can go a long way towards making you feel more in control. Find someone you can confide in to vent your fears and frustrations. This person could be a best friend, sibling, parent, or a mental health professional. If you have children, they can also benefit from talking to a therapist with experience in helping kids cope with divorce.

2. Nurture yourself emotionally and physically

During times of adversity, nurturing yourself emotionally and physically is more important than ever. After a day filled with work and divorce-related obligations, let yourself indulge in activities that soothe you, such as:

  • Reading a good book

  • Relaxing in a hot bath

  • Watching your favorite Netflix series

At the same time, commit to eating nutritious foods and getting enough sleep. You’ll set the stage for a healthy lifestyle that will serve you well after the divorce.

3. Do enjoyable things with the kids

Divorce affects your children too. Take time to plan enjoyable activities with them, such as seeing a movie, going on a road trip in the country, or having pizza nights at home. They will feel better and, as a loving and concerned parent, you will too.

4. Contact a Florida divorce attorney you can trust

Take the time to find a Florida divorce attorney who listens to you, takes the time to answer your questions, and treats you like a person instead of a number. You want to work with someone who is professional yet compassionate and will respond when you need important answers.

5. Consider alternatives to divorce litigation

Even if you and your spouse disagree on child support, custody, or another important aspect of the divorce, you can make the process easier for both of you by choosing mediation or collaborative divorce to come to an agreement. This way, there is no expensive court battle and you both control the outcome instead of leaving an important decision in the hands of a judge.

Although you can’t do much about the divorce itself, you can make a positive impact on how your life unfolds afterward. By taking steps to reduce stress, you will be in the best frame of mind for making the right decisions for your future.

Let Jarbath Pena Law Group help you get there. Whether you decide to go with the more traditional divorce route, or if you would like to try mediation or collaborative divorce, we have an experienced team of divorce attorneys who will support you with quality legal advice and encourage you personally as you prepare for the next stage in your life. Get ready for your new beginning. To schedule a consultation and go over your options during a Florida divorce, contact us.

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