Photo, Juliet Tobon, Assistant, Jarbath Peña Law Group PA, Family, Immigration Lawyers, Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, FL.



Photo, Juliet Tobon, Assistant, JP Law Group, Divorce Lawyers and Immigration Attorneys, Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, FL.


Juliet Tobon is the legal assistant in the Immigration division at Jarbath Pena Law Group. As an immigrant herself, Juliet’s unique story led her to work in the legal field and specifically with immigration law. If you have had the pleasure to work with Juliet, you know that she is extremely professional, an excellent communicator and very tenacious. Her attention to detail makes her a key part of the immigration team.

Juliet has an associate degree in Criminal Justice and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Florida International University. Even before working for an immigration law firm, Juliet volunteered at the Center for Immigrant Advancement, a program dedicated to empowering immigrants with the tools needed to succeed and assisting to improve the quality of in immigrant communities.


Juliet has a big heart and always puts others before herself. In her free time, she likes to volunteer. She also likes to dance and enjoys international cuisine.

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